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5 ‘Pav-some’ foods in Mumbai that are a must try for every traveller

it's a very good life

Usually when a guest visits my home in Mumbai my hospitality aim is to make sure they  taste all the good food that my city has to offer. A recent guest who was experiencing the usual foodie treatment asked me something that took me to surprise as well. He asked ‘ What’s the obsession of you Mumbaikars with Pav? Why is all your favorite food served with a Pav?’.

This got me to a realization that most of your favorite street food in Mumbai is actually served with this desi loaf bread. Here are top 5 Pav-erfully irresistable foods from Mumbai for the hungry traveller.

By the way..before I begin- Here’s a bit on what is a Pav…Pav- Indian bread 

Pav is a breadloaf made with Maida. A healtheir multigrain version of it can also be found at various places. It is the soft surface and the fluffy light brown top of this bread which makes it so presentable as well as…

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