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TTL: Holi @ Siliguri

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Last year, around this time, I was in Bangalore, with a bunch of colleagues who turned out to be close friends, smearing each other with colour and having fun. This year, am at my granny’s place, in the town where I was born, the gateway to the North East India, nestled at the foothillls of the Shivalik mountain ranges, Siliguri.

Anyway, its Holi again. The festival of colors and joy and fun. I missed my friends pretty much, and the only way I was going to suppress the feeling, was by going about making some photos! So, here goes, Holi, through my lens!

DSC_a-1898 Pre Holi masks for sale!

DSC_a-1901 This holi, a new hairdo 😛

DSC_a-2002 To the next locality…

DSC_a-2004 Vibrant!

DSC_a-2007 Decked up for the next round!

DSC_a-2020 I like the peek!

DSC_a-2112 Two face??

The last photo and the featured image, I couldnt find a model to try the shots on, so, I…

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