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IMG_20150308_153130 Pheonix? You’re back from Hawaii?

IMG_20150308_153314 YEA! and do you think I’d miss one of Candy’s FAB tea parties!

IMG_20150308_132655 You look AMAZING! I think its time we have some ”Tea”

IMG_20150308_153616 So..How’s Briona?

IMG_20150308_154003 Oh She’s not here she’s been in INDIA for the past year!

IMG_20150308_153516 Oh Right! When is she NOT travelling!

IMG_20150308_132513 Um..Hi

IMG_20150308_131120 Nora! You made it!

IMG_20150308_153450 Who is this Candy?

IMG_20150308_132513 Candy? Your name is Dorothy perkins…

IMG_20150308_124933 Its Candy now! Nora this is my friend Phoenix. Nora and I went to school together.

IMG_20150308_153530 Your glasses are a little crooked…

IMG_20150308_132356 Yea um.. they’re broken, I’ll take them off..


IMG_20150308_130050 Uhh I like this thing on your wall

IMG_20150308_132616 THANKS NORA!

IMG_20150308_153419 I was thinking about getting some surgery.

IMG_20150308_153946 FINALLY! Ok honey I’m gonna be honest with you Boobs, Ass, Face.

IMG_20150308_132113 HI GAAAALS!

IMG_20150308_132558 BRIONA!

IMG_20150308_153645 BRIONA!

IMG_20150308_132320 Who?

IMG_20150308_132156 I can’t stay long, It was a long flight! Get me a drink Candy Cane!

IMG_20150308_154003 Well now that Briona’s back you…

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Connecting all travellers & foodies in India....

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