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Waking up sad every day, is hard. Before I open my eyes I know whether it will be a bad day. It doesn’t change all that often. I go through the day, every day, like a zombie, I don’t listen to people anymore and then sometimes I snap. I can’t deal with their shit, And I am sick to death of the people in my life, with their bullshit and lies.. They aren’t good to be around i know it but I can’t do much for now. I want to try out this blog thing to let myself out a little. Vent my everyday frustrations, cook some food, write some shit, share some photography/art , recipes and laughter. Maybe even some gaming reviews…

Just some fun facts:

  • I try to be good but it just never works
  • I am a perpetual fuck up
  • I am too forgiving
  • I won’t give…

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