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The Dhravi Slums – An Unforgettable Experience

Wandering Australian

“YOU WANT TO GO INSIDE THE DHRAVI SLUMS??” My friend’s aunty screamed, her bellowing voice seemingly out of place with her beautiful Indian sari and tiny body.

“Of course! What’s the big deal? Why don’t you guys want to see it?” I asked her and her daughter.

“I have to drive past that place every day after work. I don’t want anymore reminders that poverty like that exists in my city,” her daughter replied.

 What is one thing that you’ve seen that will be embedded in your mind forever?

For me, it was this experience…

The Dhravi Slums. The setting of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.

“Yeah I know what to expect.” I thought. “It’s just poverty, lots and lots of poverty, and people all living together. What else could it be…?”



IMG_9788Well now I’ve been on a tour inside Dhravi and it wasn’t anything like I envisioned it would be…

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