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Peanut daal

Leftover Vegetarian


This is an experiment which I like the results of.

I’ve made yellow split pea dal, just by boiling the split peas as per packet instructions, and adding an onion. This has disintegrated into a sort of pottage, which I’ve flavoured with garlic and a generous dollop of smooth peanut butter. To cut through the oiliness of the peanuts, most people would use chili, but I wanted to find something else to use instead, for variety. The little purple flakes you can see are mountain pepper, which is an Australian spice. If you can’t get it locally, use red chili flakes. I’ve topped it with lightly steamed broccoli, because I like a bit of crunch and my wife accepts broccoli as a flower.

If you do find some bush pepper, you need a few quick words on its use.

Bush pepper comes in several varieties. Some bush pepper is made from ground up…

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