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Mung Bean and Cauliflower Stew

Cooking in Tongues

This more subtly seasoned stew has all the flavor of a good Indian dal but without the heat of the previous recipe Spicy Brussels Sprouts, Green Beans and Lentil Stew. The combination of potato and cauliflower is a classic and makes a great main for a midweek meal when served with bread or rice, or as a side dish for a more ambitious Indian dinner.

The seasoning and heat come from the tadka added at the end. I halved the amount of ghee (clarified butter) used in the original recipe, which can be added back for a richer stew. Add more or less green chili to suite your taste. I purchased the moong dal from I Shop Indian.

Mung Bean and Cauliflower Stew-1

Based on the recipe in Classic Indian Cooking by Julie Sahni.

1 cup moong dal (yellow split mung beans)
2/3 cup finely chopped onion
1-2 garlic cloves, minced
1 T…

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One comment on “Mung Bean and Cauliflower Stew

  1. Easy and delicious stew


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