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Coconut Sugar

Indigo jones

4093600152_compThe coconut seems to be the source of many healthy byproducts. We have long been aware of the hydrating benefits of pure coconut water, the dairy free milk that comes from inside the coconut, and the plethora of things that can be done with coconut oil. Recently, we have been hearing more and more about the natural sugar that is derived from the coconut tree.
Often referred to as coconut palm sugar, it is a naturally occurring sugar made from the sap of the plant,which is extracted and heated to create the commercially used sugar.

While regular table sugar and high fructose corn syrup don’t contain any vital nutrients, coconut sugar does.

Among the minerals found in coconut sugar are iron, zinc, calcium and potassium. TIt also contains various antioxidants and a fiber called inulin, which may slow glucose absorption.

So, should we be replacing all of our sugar and…

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