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Nimz revealed

After those over hectic days of my cousin’s marriage, sleepless weeks, over duty and everything we were in a confusion whether to go or not (not we; i was always ready to go!!). After a long set of discussions on the 8 day trip, we decided to leave.

At last!

My dreams gonna come true! 🙂

This is just not a pure travelogue; this is what I had gone through. As usual what my flattering mind gone through. My 8 day trip to North India with my lovely family happened on August 09, 2014 to August 16,2014 . Delhi, Agra, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh ❤ A lot more experience and a loads of fun and photographs.

Thought of sharing that whole journey with everyone. Here it is!

Day 1 is ready after a long editing session by my editor. Thanks for his patience of course!

Before starting the journey with my readers, I…

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One comment on “TOUR de INDIA

  1. nimz
    March 5, 2015

    Thank you for the re-blog. hope my next chapters will help all the foodies while their journey to North India. 🙂


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