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The Integrity of a Littiwala


‘Maadam, litti chaahiye?’ A middle aged man and his wife were extracting a few roasted balls from the fire. I turned to my friend with a quizzical eyebrow. Like all my friends, she could never believe the extent of my lack of awareness about the cuisines up North. She launched her explanation without me raising ‘the question’.

‘Litti choka is a traditional snack, which is common in Bihar and Jharkand. It is made of wheat flour and sattu (gram). ‘ She smiled on seeing my face fall a bit. I was not the biggest fan of sattu. If someone offered me a sattu paratta or sattu drink, I would probably consider them part of some conspiracy hatched by my arch rivals. ‘The filling is made of sattu and spices. It is served with brinjal dish and yogurt,’ the explanation wound up to an end. Nevertheless, I decided to try the…

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