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Roaming the Rajasthan Roads with Royd


Here are some more sights from Rajasthan from Royd Zhang. . . . .  10920913_10205168918797993_2121507744106140395_n

IMG_3530The beggars are not just in the cities. Whenever the bus stopped for snacks, toilet or gas, some would appear,

IMG_3937Ancient customs and way of life complete with a cell phone!

IMG_3948A  wonderful smile and wave is always ready for the camera!

IMG_3980These primary children are off to half-day school on Saturday. Sunday is a day for  field trips lead by the teachers.  We just saw several groups in Patan, and Modhera last weekend.


A vehicle full. . . . .


Oh these handsome, distinguish faces. . . . .


How did he get up there?


Vibrant colors in the sunlight. . . .


There are red, white, orange  and multi-colored turbans worn in Rajasthan. Orange is my favorite.   We  saw a demonstration  of a man rolling his turban with a 27 foot piece of…

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