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Musings from a coffee shop on Khan



It’s officially been a few months since I have been settling in to Delhi life. The city is chaotic, one street you’re walking in the midst of beautiful architecture, the next you’re surrounded by loud busy streets, filled with people wearing designer attire, right past rag pickers and people in tatters begging for a few pennies. Delhi, like most of other Indian metropolitan cities, is filled with contrasting elements and they’re almost in your face at once: sights, smells, sounds, everything. You can either revel in its pandemonium, be delighted by the change, or you can get overwhelmed to the point where you want to escape to familiarity. My time in Delhi has been peppered with days like the latter and it has had me searching for the universal traveler’s escape: coffee shops.

There is no lack of coffee shops and there are tons of darling Delhi ones to…

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2 comments on “Musings from a coffee shop on Khan

  1. wander//woman
    March 4, 2015

    Merci tellement for re-blogging 🙂 You’ve created a fantastic place to showcase Indian bloggers


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