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5 things I discovered on my first trip on my own across South India

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  1. I discovered that I was a ‘backpacker’, I of course knew the word before, but I didn’t realize I was one, till a fellow traveler in Kochi pointed out that I was a backpacker, perhaps even a hippie (not sure how I feel about that though). This might seem lame to the seasoned travelers out there. But to me it was an aha moment. I had discovered my way of travel. I have always been frugal, I love my independence, I also feel most comfortable when I can make decisions at the last minute, I am mostly open to new people and experiences, I have my head on my shoulders but I am not overtly suspicious. In backpacking these traits became my strength and it actually makes sense how I naturally gravitated to this way of travel. This was my thing.
  2. A certain authenticity emerged in my interactions with new friends…

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