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#1511 – 2014 Year End Trip (Part VII: Uttar Pradesh)

A Little Piece of Zilko's Life


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4. Part IV: Tamil Nadu (2)
5. Part V: Goa
6. Part VI: Rajasthan

Previously on 2014 Year End Trip: Zilko and his friends went to India for the year end trip of 2014. After spending two weeks in India, now they were ready to go to, arguably, the most famous site in India: the Taj Mahal in Agra.


The Plan

We did not plan to stay in Agra[1] in this trip because of the distance. We felt like it was possible to do a road trip from Jaipur to New Delhi but with taking a small detour to Agra; all in one day including the time we would spend in Taj Mahal. Even though obviously this meant that we…

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