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The Mumbai Difference

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Last week, I flew to Mumbai for an IB DP Workshop.  I was there for about four days, and the entire time, I was trying to draw parallels and identify differences between my own city of Jakarta, and what I observed in Mumbai.

The traffic was better than in Jakarta, but not by much.  “Motor Rickshaws” were speeding around instead of Bajaj, and buses were still overloaded with people rushing from here to there.

The slums were very similar: if I would have been given no context for their location, I would have guessed that we were in Jakarta.  Brinks instead of concrete, a bit more dirty (is it because the rain washes away the dust here in Jakarta?) The constant juxtaposition between rich and poor is starkly evident in both Jakarta and Mumbai.
Both countries wear their pollution like a blanket, although Mumbai had notably better weather, which was both…

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