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Marwari T​halis at Kathputli Restaurant, Delhi

Kathputli Restaurant is a one stop destination for authentic Marwari T​hali that offers a fabulous variety of mouthwatering dishes​, served  in a warm & traditional manner. A good bet for relishing Pure Vegetarian Marwari Thali,‘Kathputli’ is a recently opened specialty restaurant located in Defence Colony, New Delhi.

The word “kathputli”; derived from the word “kaath” meaning wood and “putli” meaning puppet; the display of puppets and craftsmanship will indeed take you back to the olden times.

Kathputli aims to mirror the beautiful Indian culture in terms of food, service and ambience; the tastefully hand crafted interiors highlight warm and traditional hospitality. The instrumental background music at Kathputli restaurant has a calming and soothing effect.

A Vegetarian’s Delight, Kathputli aims to be a place for authentic & homely regional specialties that give a chance to gourmet lovers and food connoisseurs to taste a delectable array of Rajasthani and Gujarati Cuisines right here in the heart of Delhi.

A traditional Thali at Kathputli comprises of lip-smacking and scrumptious delicacies like​- ​Sabut mirchi pakoda, Daal Panchmel, ​Gatta curry, Daal Baati Choorma, Paatra, Khandvi, Sookhi Gobhi Shaak, Daal Gujarati, Methi Thepla and Marwari Kadhi etc. which will surely be savored by all.​

​Vipul and Divya Gupta of KATHPUTLI said, “Kathputli is a long harboured dream of ours. As vegetarians, we always felt that there was a need for a pure vegetarian restaurant serving authentic Marwari Cuisine for the Jain and Baniya Community, which could showcase the mirage of dishes that these two cuisines have to offer. We have worked diligently to bring the feel & experience of Indian culture in terms of food and decor and are delighted to position ourselves as a unique Thali based restaurant which will keep on churning new culinary delights week on week.”


Relished and loved by people of all ages, Marwari cuisine has unique flavors which are reflected in curries complemented with savory sweets and snacks cooked in pure ghee to bring out its mouth watering aroma. At Kathputli, the food is always freshly prepared where spices and ghee are used with caution and the Thali is designed in a way that is wholesome as well as healthy. Food is served in a handcrafted German Silver thali, befitting the royal guest that you are and is a sampling of the typical Indian platter. The all-you-can-eat menu includes our signature welcome drinks, starters, main course and dessert. The menu at Kathputli changes every week and the emphasis is on serving seasonal varieties.

At Kathputli, the​ Marwari Thali is prepared by professional and experienced Maharajs using some of the best hand-picked ingredients to bring out the authentic and succulent flavors of the dishes. The servers, most of whom hail from Rajasthan & Gujarat are attired in traditional Indian clothes & are ever-eager to serve and delight you.

In all, Kathputli aims to be a one of its kind No Onion No Garlic Family Restaurant.

Kathputli​ Fact Sheet

Address:  35,Defence Colony Market, ​New Delhi, India​


Monday-Sunday:12:30 PM to 3:30 PM / 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM

Average Meal for Two: Rs.900​​ plus taxes​

Contact: +91 98118 29449


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